Monday, November 1, 2010


It's been over a month! How did that happen?
It has been very busy in our house. My husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! He started his new job. Our kids have been sick with colds and coughs. Work has been busy. The snow has fallen and we had to pull out all of our "winter gear". We had nice weather for taking the kids trick or treating yesterday though! Our son was Batman and our daughter was a Ballerina Princess. They were adorable. We only took them to 6 houses and they got lots of candy! (enough to keep mommy and daddy full of chocolate for awhile)

So it is blogging month and there is a 30 days of Gratitude movement in November. So in keeping with my birthday resolution I am going to try to blog something I am grateful for everyday.

Grateful fact #1

Today I am grateful for my healthy children. So often us parents with healthy kids take this granted. Yes my kids have had colds and we've had sleepless nights. I worry when my son won't stop coughing and needs his inhaler but I've never had to leave them overnight in the hospital or worry that I won't be bringing them home with me.
For this I am so grateful.

On another note -for Halloween some good friends had "The Best Halloween Party Since Elementary School".
It was so much fun! My husband and I got a night out and my mom even had both kids over for a sleepover (our first night away from our daughter!)
We ate lots of yummy food. (spider cupcakes, tombstone puddings etc) played pictionary and pin the tail on the cat. Everyone dressed up and we had a fabulous night! Now to plan costumes for next year...

My husband was the Raisin Bran Lumberjack and I was Octomom :)


  1. Your Octomom is hilarious! Zach doesn't look like he had to do a whole lot of dressing up to pull that costume off ;) Sounds like a fun party.

    Looking forward to your 30 days of gratitude. I certainly take the health of my family for granted too - thanks for the reminder to be thankful.

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Those costumes are stinkin' hilarious.