Monday, November 1, 2010

Apparently for 30 days of Gratitude you are given a theme each day...I might follow that some days. We'll see what I feel like.
Yesterday's theme was where you live.
So I'll do that today

I am grateful that my husband and I moved back to the town that I grew up in a year after we were married. I spent a lot of time at my parents house when my son was first born and my dad and my son were very close. We had talked many times of moving to the East Coast but never did. Had we done so, I would have regretted it immensely when my dad died. As it turned out - we stayed at I was very close to my dad. Something I will always be thankful for.
I am also grateful that I have my my mom, sister and Grandma (and uncle at present time) living in the same town as us. It is so nice to be close to family.

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