Friday, February 11, 2011


Recently I've been reading quite a few blogs about loss and grief and faith. You never know when things will change drastically. It can happen in a minute.

Life is a Breath

A little perspective is a good thing. I am beyond blessed. I have so much to be thankful for. I had my dad for 26 years and even though I am sad, I need to remember to count my blessings. And also to enjoy the family and friends I do have here - not always be longing for the ones that are gone. There is always someone who has it much worse than me.
In the grand scheme of things, our family has had it pretty good. Everyone experiences loss at some point. It's just a matter of when...

My friend Becky also lost her dad recently and blogged one day about how we need to remember our blessings despite our sadness and grief.

How Can They Hear is heartbreaking and inspiring. They just lost their daughter. I cannot imagine how painful that must be.

This is a family member of some friends. Journeying is an amazing woman who lost her husband in a car crash. Her children were all severely injured but are on the mend.

My mom. What can I say? I love her and am so grateful for her. As I've said before, to see her remain rooted in faith, be a single parent at this stage of the game to my 10 year old sister (also to my brother and I), Grandma to five others, and to continue teaching and active in her career is amazing and also inspiring.

A blog written by different widows.

A woman named Bonnie who lost her husband while pregnant with their second child

A grieving husband and father.
It's hard not to be feel a little depressed when reading all of these. But it's also hard not to be encouraged, inspired and uplifted too.

Today, be encouraged and inspired. And count your blessings. One by one.