Monday, November 8, 2010


Too sad to write something happy today.

It has been a sad past couple of weeks.
A friend of a friend lost her dad to cancer a couple weeks ago.
A man from this town passed away from cancer recently and left behind a wife and two young kids.
My mom's cousin lost her son in a tragic car accident last week. He was only 21.

And now we will probably lose our cat in the next couple of days. Not that that is comparable to the pain those other families are going through. Trust me, I know. But we are still very sad.

Phillip the cat was a 1 month anniversary gift to my husband. I rescued him from the SPCA.
We call him our firstborn and although I love all three cats that we've had - I have to admit I love Phillip the most.
Phillip is the nicest cat. He likes to drink coffee. He sticks his paw in the cup and then licks it off. Everyone loves Phil. All of our neighbours know him and love him. He even used to go hang out downtown by the grocery store and post office and visit with people there. He lets the kids pull his tail and has never scratched them. He even let my little sister and niece trim his whiskers one time...

Phillip has had liver failure. He hasn't been himself for months. He stayed at the vet for a week in September, he came home and slowly improved for awhile but now he is worse. So we are trying a day or two of fluids to see if that helps but we have declined the feeding tube and another round of tests that would be at least $2000. I hate that we are giving up in a way. But we just can't afford it and as much as we love Phil, we aren't guaranteed that even that would fix him. So if he does not improve in the next two days we are going to have to make a very hard decision.
This sucks.

Our son giving Phil a kiss. (2007)


  1. Oh hun, I know exactly what you are going through. It sucks.

  2. ugh. Our beloved cat, Pippin, passed on to a happier place last year. We were in the same position - it ended up being almost weekly visits to the vet and she kept loving us...even though she was in pain. I hated myself for crying over a cat, and still do. But it's not easy. Our pets are part of us, and they've been there to comfort us when we needed them. They are part of our lives. It's okay to be sad.
    I'm sorry.
    This sucks :(

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. My fave cat got breast cancer while Dad was doing chemo. We just couldn't face the financial cost, or the emotional strain it would put on us. I just couldn't watch her suffer like that, she's not a human, she wouldn't have even understood why. So even though it's hard, try not to feel guilty about it. I agree with Kari. It's okay to be sad though. It's hard, especially when you feel like you're giving up on them.

    Big hugs from me.

    (Just type "Fizz" into the search box on my blog for the whole story. Or don't. It's pretty depressing stuff.)