Thursday, November 4, 2010


Gratitude for a Nature Spot.

This is an easy one for me. Canada is a beautiful country and I love the mountains and the beaches, especially the east coast. (and I do like Saskatchewan too)

BUT my favorite nature spot would have to be Scotland.
I got to spend 5 months there almost 10 years ago. It is the most beautiful country.
The beaches are rugged and rocky but so gorgeous. The mountains are inspiring.
Probably my favorite spot in Scotland was in the glen by a stream down from the Seamill Centre where I stayed.
I loved to go sit my a little bridge, enjoy the misty rain and relax, do some thinking and lots of times some praying.
I don't have any photos because all of my photos are on 35mm. I have yet to scan them. Someday I will.

These are some photos I found online of the school I stayed at in West Kilbride.

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  1. Love Scotland!! 10 years! oh my! time flies!
    Ohh I started doing this at work on our whiteboard! thank you for sharing and inspiring me!