Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birth plan

I brought my birth plan to my last appointment. I was a bit worried that my Doctor wouldn't agree to everything I had on there. But she agreed to it all and said it looked good.

I had been wishing I had tried to get a midwife again (I wasn't "allowed" when I had my daughter because we lived out of Saskatoon, apparently it's different now) when I had some issues getting in to see my Dr. this past month, but feel good about it now. I really like her and feel comfortable with her. She didn't make it to my last delivery so I'm hoping it will work out this time because I know she knows what I want and will try her best to make sure I have the delivery I want.

I wasn't as adamant the last time, now I know exactly what I want. I'm no expert but after giving birth two times I have a pretty good idea of how things go. And as long as there are no complications, I hope to have a natural birth that goes according to the baby's timing, no one else's.

I do not want to be asked over and over again why I'm not getting an epidural, or coerced into getting artificial drugs to speed things up if they are not going as fast as someone wants them to.
I'm pretty sure this labour won't take very long anyway. I know from last time that my recovery was way better without drugs.
I know that I can do it.
I know that I want my baby put on me as soon as she's born and that all the "washing up" things can wait.
I know that as long as there's no cord trouble we are leaving it for at least three minutes so that she can get all the iron stores her little body will need.

My husband knows what I want and will be a good advocate as well.

I am getting impatient to not be pregnant. I want to meet our baby. I can't wait to see what she looks like.
I will be so happy to not have constant heartburn, and to sleep on my back or stomach. To not be so sore all the time. To be able to walk and not waddle. To hold my big kids on my lap! To be able to cuddle with my daughter and give my son a real hug! And to not be grumpy all the time!

I'm pretty sure my whole family wants this to be over soon too :)

Two weeks (or less)!