Thursday, September 17, 2009

This morning I am ignoring dishes and heading over to a friends house. Our boys will play and I will get a chance to visit with another adult. The house can wait - no one will see it but my husband and myself and he could care less. And I know that it will eventually get done. *deep breath - relax*

Thanks for your encouraging words. A little note goes a long way. I know my wonderful mother-in-law (and others)is always praying for my family and I. I know I am not alone either. Everyone has lots going on in their lives and some even have more kids than I. (K.B - you are amazing) Seeing my mother be a single parent at this stage in her life is also very encouraging - she is a brave wonderful woman and has gone through more than I can imagine and has survived, faith intact. And I know that my friends are there for me - even though we are all busy.

So I am looking forward to the weekend. Spending time with my family, maybe working on our yard, going to "cheech" (church) as my son calls it, and having a little birthday celebration with some friends.

Now to change a diaper,get two kids ready, pack a bag and leave in the next hour...can it be done?

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