Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 3 so far

Yesterday was not so good. I am a stress eater and gave in and had some chocolate. ugh. We are all sick with colds so it was a long day.
I sent the Halloween candy to my husband's work so at least it's out of here. Today has been good so far though. I need to not worry about messing up and just keep going.
I've decided that I have to have fruit on this diet. I'm supposed to be eliminating anything that has sugar, natural or not. However, I am breastfeeding and figure that I need my fruit. Plus with all of the sickness going on around here, the vitamins etc will be helpful. This morning we had a strawberry-mango smoothie. It was yummy and totally satisfied my sugar craving.

I had pretty much decided that we would take my son and get him immunized against the H1N1 flu. We were going to go today, but now have to wait until this cold is gone. So I will probably change my mind a million more times.

It is supposed to be warm out today so we are going to get out and go for a nice long walk and maybe go to the park to play. Hoping today is a better day!

I think this is the longest I've gone without crying. It's been at least 5 days. Wonder what that means...

My son wanted to write a story too: (he's learning his letters)

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  1. Mad props on the no sugar diet. I tell myself I couldn't do it, but the truth is that I really don't want to, and maybe could if I really tried. I think you're very right for keeping fruit in your diet while you're nursing, you need it. That's one of my excuses for having a diet half made of granola bars - I need quick fuel to feed the little bundle in my arms! And since half the meals in the day I rarely find time to feed myself, I'm stockpiling calories in the sugar bar eaten on the go :) I know, excuses, excuses.

    I'm cheering for you!