Friday, November 20, 2009


7:30 am. Son went to bed at 10:30 last night and was still up at 7. He is now drinking some milk and watching a dvd beside me. I let him watch dvd's first thing when I am really tired. (pretty much everyday) Baby girl is still asleep, although I heard her stirring through the monitor. I really need to get her on a regular routine. Maybe she would start sleeping though the night again?

I love reading blogs. When I have time. I have a few regular ones that I check out at least once a week. Some are friends of mine, some are friends of friends and some are just random people that I've seen links to from somewhere. Most of them are moms.
The ones I love are the ones that make me laugh, think or cry. They are real and honest and encouraging and help me realize that I'm not alone in this journey.

There are some that leave me feeling guilty or not good enough so I've stopped reading those. You know who they are; the supermoms who only give their kids organic food, take amazing photos, live in gorgeous houses, write beautifully, are talented and creative, are amazing Christians who inspire and are oh so Spiritual. They don't let their kids watch tv and they homeschool. When I read those blogs, I find myself lacking and not good enough. So I've stopped reading those ones.
I have enough guilt in my day to day life. I don't need someone I don't even know making me feel like my life isn't good enough. I know this is not their intent, but sometimes it seems like they are saying, "look at me, aren't I the best mom/wife/Christian/friend/neighbour?" I should feel inspired to do better, not inadequate.

Us moms have enough pressure. There is constant competition. My kid walked earlier, my kid talked earlier, look how well my kid behaves, my baby has always slept through the night, my 9 month old already has the books of the Bible memorized, watch my four year old play Moonlight Sonata, my three year old loves broccoli, my kid was potty trained at 1 year and so on. (of course these are exaggerations - I tend to do that a lot on here)

Of course I would write about accomplishments and feel proud of them, but I would want others to feel proud WITH me, not envious. And hopefully I would not appear boastful. So forgive me if I ever do seem boastful. I don't mean to.

Ok, I'm done. Forgive my ramble. I always start my post with one thought in mind and then end up going on about a another topic. That is the way my brain works.

It is now 8:30 am. I have since gotten my daughter up, helped my son do a puzzle, wiped two snotty noses, pet the Tiger (son) and watched him do some tricks, changed a diaper, explained to the Tiger why he cannot colour on the puzzle, and even had time to drink a cup of coffee.
And I think this is the fastest I have ever gotten a post done!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (New International Version)

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.


  1. Yup! I remember those days! BUT, take heart! You are definitely NOT alone. You sound like every Mother I've ever known and you are as NORMAL as any one of them! Relax and go easy on yourself, my dear. You KNOW what is right for YOU and YOUR family so don't let ANYONE make you feel "LESS THAN". Do what you need to do... and enjoy every moment. AND, be proud of ALL of your accomplishments!!!!♥

  2. Hey Dana! just started reading your blog and I am really enjoying it. I can relate to you on this one. I start feeling really competitive with people like that...and I hate the way it makes me feel/want to engage in the competition. I wonder if those people just feel insecure? Be proud of who you are. You are beautiful...inside and out.

  3. LOL. I love this post. You made me laugh with this one. Hee hee hee! Not at you, but at me, who feels the SAME way. And at you a little, 'cause you're funny.

    This makes me want to meet you even more than I already do. Did. Already did.