Monday, October 19, 2009

6 Years Already?

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how fast that has gone.
I was 21, my husband was 23. We had a six week engagement.
Contrary to rumors,I was not pregnant (I actually believe in waiting until you're married, I was a virgin).

We just simply decided to get married. My husband had moved here from the East coast in April and we had pretty much thought we would get married the next summer. However, my brother and his girlfriend had just gotten engaged and planned to get married the next summer too and we thought two weddings in one family, in the same summer was a bit much. I was living with my parents, he in the city and it just seemed easiest and made sense financially to get married sooner. Most importantly we were in love, knew we were meant to be together and thought why not?

We had a great day, everything went well. I worked at a flower shop at that time so did all of my flowers. I hired my friend's mom to do the catering (desserts and specialty coffees). A good friend of ours got ordained for a week just to perform our wedding. Hired a co-worker of my mom's to take photos. My bridesmaids even had their dresses made! My in-laws made it out here for the weekend and met my parents for the first time. That was the only time our dad's met - but they hit it off great!

To this day, people talk about how fast our engagement was. It was great though! I don't think I could have handled a long engagement.

Six years, one house, two kids, three cats, four vehicles and a partridge in a pear tree!
We've survived being poor, new jobs, my depression, being far away from family and the loss of my dad. It hasn't always been easy or fun but we work on things together and are still very much in love.

Here's to 60 more!


  1. Short engagement, long marriage. :) (You forgot to mention a broken dishwasher!) Loretta

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary Dana & Zach! Katrina F