Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that annoy me (I'm allowed - I'm pregnant)

1. Being called a babysitter. I run a business. It's a daycare. I am 29 years old, not a teenage babysitter.

2. Being asked to supply muffins for the teachers at the school, while running said daycare, while pregnant, on a day when my son is not in school, (and feeling like I cannot say no) when I know there are plenty of other mom's who are not as busy as I am.

3. People assuming because I work at home, I don't actually work.

4. Small children crying outside my door while I try to have some semblance of privacy and go pee.

5. "Window's Technicians" calling at 7:30 in the morning.

6. People assuming because it's been almost 3 years that I am "over" my dad's death. Do me a favour - just imagine your dad died completely unexpected. Think about it for a minute. Then tell me how you might feel... (even three years later)

7. When people call me during drop -off and pick-up times, and wonder why I'm frazzled.

8. Having to confirm appointments I've already made. I should only have to call to cancel. grrr.

9. When people post what they've just Pinned on Facebook. If I wanted to see what you've pinned I would follow you on Pinterest. (I will write a whole post on Pinterest at some point)

10. Spelling mistakes in books and on websites. Especially small business sites - get someone to proofread your stuff!

11. My eye that has been twitching for three days.


  1. hmmmm, well, I think that if you eat a banana or two the twitching of your eye might go away (twitching usually means a lack of potassium - my mom told me that once, not sure why I remember). That's all that I can help with. Although, there are several of those pet peeves that I do share with you!

  2. I think we should go shopping on Friday...

  3. Yup, those would annoy me too! Feel free to vent anytime!

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