Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We moved. We are settling into our new house. Life has been insanely busy and I barely have a moment to read blogs let alone write in my own.

So here are some random thoughts:

2 year old house vs 102 year old house = awesome

We have too much stuff

Toddlers are hilarious. My daughter is adorable.

My four year old is so ready for school. He is driving me crazy (in a good way) with questions. Yet he declares that he "knows everything"

I miss my dad

I really hope our old house sells soon

I would like to see our nephew and meet our niece.

I love summer weather

I have amazing friends

Life is a breath

So blessed to be a mom and have a great mom, grandmas and mother in law

I love Chai lattes

So many people need help. What can I do?

I will never catch up on laundry

Pray without ceasing

My sister in law is a good listener and I complain to her too much

My husband loves me. No matter what.

Jesus does want us to be happy. And to love unconditionally

Heaven is really real.

I am So blessed. I cannot take anything for granted.


The world is going crazy.

Love is all you need.


  1. I like your list.

    Life is hectic.

    You have a great perspective.

    We have a great GOD!!